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From Break-Up Suite
Michele Collins: Voice
Stefan Thorpenberg: Texts and Guitars
Gunnar Backman: Virtual Guitar, Live loops
Bo Stenholm: Tuba, Double Bass and Violin
Jonny Wartel: Saxophone, Clarinet, Soprillo
Per Anders Skytt: Drums
Henrik Wartel: Drums


We had a stop in machine,
on the way from Bahrain to Goa
It was a complete shutdown,
so we were towed to the nearest port
Once in port, we investigated what was broken,
and the captain announced that we
must expect to to stay three weeks on this place
I met some sailors from the town,
and asked them if there was anything of interest to see
They thought for a moment,
but then said that there was nothing of interest,
whether in the town, or in the country
But there was one guy who said:

Well, sahaab, there's an interesting thing
There is a fortune teller; she's in a small village,
on top of the volcano
We call it Kalaki, but it's called something else,
and the strange thing is, that she can see your fate in your palm,
and she is always right,
I say ALWAYS right! It scares many
You can take a bus, and then another, then you have to walk,
But you can get there; it takes a day, no more

I took a bus from the main square next morning, then another
And then I walked through the jungle and came to the foot of the volcano in the afternoon
First, at sunset, I came to the village at the volcano,
I found a black dressed older woman alone in the village's only bar,
and sat down at her table
I asked if she wanted to tell my fortune
and she took my hand:

I would die young in a serious infection, she said,
my children would then starve,
and my wife would be forced into prostitution
Not only would my family suffer illness and death,
but all of my kin and all my friends
But that was not enough; the whole country would be ravaged
by earthquakes, hurricanes, civil war and plague

I withdrew my hand, and looked skeptically on its lines
Are you really sure that this is true, I asked
This doesn´t seem not to be a fortune for a European,
but rather for a fellow patriot of yours?

In response, she stretched out her own palm
At first I thought she meant that I would read her fortune,
because I sort of challenged her own expertise
It took a long time before I understood
It was money she wanted

Copyright ©: Stefan Thorpenberg


from Northern Voices, released December 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Stefan Thorpenberg Sweden

Freeform guitarist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

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